Effective treatment of acne in adolescence

Effective treatment of acne in adolescence
Acne is often caused by inflammation of the oil glands and the hair follicles. It is a common condition among adolescent boys and girls due to improper skin cleansing, dietary triggers and hormonal changes. Acne in adolescence can exacerbate the struggles faced by teens hence the need to look for effective treatment.

Treatment for acne in adolescence

· Products containing benzoyl peroxide.

Benzoyl peroxide is found in most acne medications as it unplugs oil ducts, kills bacteria and heals pimples or acne. Start cautiously with products containing about 5 per cent gel once a day after washing the face.

You should not use any product that is stronger than 10 per cent without a prescription.

· Use products containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)

Alpha hydroxy acids such as lactic acid and glycolic acid have been used for decades to treat acne due to their exfoliating effect. The acid makes the skin to shed.

Most over the counter facial products such as moisturizers and facial washers contain 4-6 per cent concentration of AHAs but the stronger the concentration, the more effective it is in combating acne breakout.

· Retinoids

This is a group of medication obtained from vitamin A and it strengthens the immune system, prevents bacteria growth, reduces inflammation and controls the differentiation of skin cells. Retinoids are also effective for treating acne.

· Antibiotics

The growth of bacteria in clogged pores is a common cause of acne. Therefore, using antibiotic Retinoids and creams can be helpful in treating acne.

Acne Prevention Tips

These tips will help prevent acne

· Wash your face regularly to prevent the pores from clogging and getting inflamed. However, do not overdo as over cleaning can cause skin irritation, more redness and inflammation hence increasing the likelihood of acne.

· Exfoliate to remove the dead cells, remove superficial blackheads and clean out clogged pores.

· Avoid touching the face and picking pimples as this makes acne worse. Also, bacteria easily transfers from the hands to the face and begins to grow on the clogged pores.

· Avoid using excessive lotions and makeups especially during an acne breakout as it clogs pores and enhances the formation of pimples.

· Eat healthy and keep well hydrated

A healthy skin requires the essential nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C and lots of water as it is lost in large quantities daily.

Generally, effective acne treatment in adolescence involves dietary change, use of effective medication, exfoliating and deep cleansing. Remain patient as acne treatment is a slow process but it produces long lasting results

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